Supremul Consiliu de Grad 33 și Ultim - Ritul Scoțian Antic și Acceptat din România

Supreme Council of the 33rd and Last Degree

of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Romania

What is NOT Freemasonry?

On Channel 33, during the show People and Books, the Most Strong and the Illustrious Brother Stelian Nistor together with the Illustrious Brother Vasile Zecheru answered the question "What is NOT Freemasonry? ”


The one who is sincerely interested in knowing the initiation phenomenon will get in touch, during this video, with a unique approach, resulting naturally from the deliberate reversal of the meaning of the usual interrogation. As such, instead of the mundane question What is Freemasonry?, the truth seeker will be invited to participate interactively in solving an unusual but also very lucrative query: What is NOT Freemasonry? One by one, the two guests, SMC - the Most Powerful and Illustrious Brother Stelian Nistor and the Illustrious Brother Vasile Zecheru answer with ingenuity and solid argumentation to the complex questions addressed to them by the show's moderator, Mr. Sorin Lucaci.

The Channel 33 show can be watched on this link.


For those interested in more videos related to the activity of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Romania, we recommend them to shoulder the answers of the Sovereign Grand Commander PP & Il Stelian Nistor to the questions asked by Bogdan Nicolae, the show's producer InSecurity from Aleph News. 


25 November 2021
Ce NU este Masonerie?