Supremul Consiliu de Grad 33 și Ultim - Ritul Scoțian Antic și Acceptat din România

Supreme Council of the 33rd and Last Degree

of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Romania

The message of the Sovereign Grand Commander of Easter, 2021



Bucharest, on May 1, 2021


My dear brother,



We talk so much about Light, Love, Harmony, Peace, Tolerance, Good Morals and again Love and Light, that we have no time to live them. Love, if it is only told, is no longer Love, but becomes just a story about Love. Love is lived, not told.

Light comes from everywhere, but it only enters where it finds an opening. Light penetrates only where it knows it is desired. Where she knows it's happening and she's loved. The light of the Feast embraces us all, the good and the bad alike. For those who already have it, it enhances their brilliance. To the others he can only emphasize more clearly the outline of the darkness within them. Darkness exists only where Light cannot enter. In the Light, however, the darkness is better seen and so you can avoid it. Don't touch you.

Tonight Holy, my dear Brother, those who love the Light will be together again in thought and perhaps in soul, all over the Country, wherever we are. I will look at the thought on my left and I will be proud. I will look at you, Brother thinking to my right and I will be proud.

At midnight, the Light will enter our souls, proclaiming "Christ is risen!" And we, the Brethren of the Scottish Rite, lining up in the minds of the left and right of each of us, will hear ourselves answering from all over the Country, from wherever we are: "Truly He is Risen!"

Happy Feast, my dear Brother, Health to you and those you love!

We are going forward!

Stelian Nistor, 33º,
Sovereign Grand Commander

1 May 2021
Stelian Nistor
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