Supreme Council of 33rd and Last Degree of the Ancient
and Accepted Scottish Rite of Romania

premiul Ioan Atanasiu Delamare - 2014 - Lea Rasovszky

Supreme Council of AASR initiates a prize of the Fine Arts Union from Romania

  To honor the memory of our brother who passed away in 2015, Ioan Atanasiu Delamare, the Supreme Council of AASR, together with the Fine Arts Union (FAU) from Romania, has awarded a prize to a young artist, appointed by the Board of FAU . Ioan Atanasiu Delamare was born in Bucharest, on January 5th,…

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Roberta Mihaela Radu

The Scottish Rite in Romania invests in the future – supporting the gymnast Roberta Mihaela Radu

Roberta Radu was born on 9th of February 2007, in Bucharest, Romania. She started gymnastics from the age of 4, at Dinamo Sports Club, with coach Mariana Câmpeanu, who coached also the European champion Larisa Iordache. Roberta is second year pupil at School No. 25, near the gym, where she is training 6 hours daily….

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valori umane și spirituale

Sovereign Grand Commander’s Welcome

Scottish Rite in Romania is for each of us the path of dignity, honour and pride of belonging to the largest Rite in our country. We’ll keep this way, you and I, shoulder to shoulder, together with our brethren. We could have a chance to engrave on the book of honour opened by our illustrious…

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Supporting the families of our passed away Brethren

This program started with a philanthropic donation to Mrs. Anda Pittiş, wife of regretted Ill. Bro. Florian Pittis 33°. His memory is alive for all the Romanian master masons, to name only the memorable recording of the catechism of raising to the third degree. On the occasion of the re-consecration of Adrian Dohotaru Perfection Lodge…

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Spitalul Universitar de Urgenţă Elias

Renovation of a surgical salon within Elias University Emergency Hospital

  Considering that one of the roles of Freemasonry is philanthropy, the Supreme Council of AASR, at the initiative of our Sovereign Grand Commander, M.P. & Ill. Bro. Stelian Nistor 33°, decided to finance the renovation of a surgical salon from Elias University Emergency Hospital. Elias Hospital was established in 1936 in Bucharest by Menachem…

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Supremul Consiliu sediu administrativ

The Headquarters of the Supreme Council of AASR of Romania

The administrative headquarters of the Supreme Council of AASR of Romania moved on Bd. Pache Protopopescu No. 16, 1st Floor, Apt. 4, 2nd District, Bucharest Here will be also the History Museum of the AASR in Romania.  

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